Get more done in less time, take back control, and empower yourself to hit your deadlines with a proper weekly action plan.

 Mistake number one in making a weekly action plan is making a to-do list alone. While it’s a good start to planning, it does not help you manage them. Not all tasks are created equally. If you’re just moving through your to-do list form top to bottom, are you actually checking those tasks that really matter?

 That’s why a good weekly action plan includes:

 Let’s explore each category one by one.

 It’s important to choose your top 3 most important tasks of the week and write them down separately from the main to-do list. This way you know where your focus needs to be and even if you run out of time, you can still end the week on a win. Top 3 priority tasks should be your absolute must do’s for this week, no excuses.

 While it’s important to get things done, it’s also important to implement small, healthy habits into your life.

 When you write your habits separately, it helps to not miss them in your to-do list. If you’d like to start going for a yoga class for example, you can write down the number of classes you’d like to visit this week. Choose the days and mark them on the tracker, book the class and go.

 While visiting a yoga class might not be your top priority task for the week, you don’t want it get lost on your to- do list either. Our Weekly planner can help you with the habit tracking or if you want to take it to a next level our Habit tracker will be ideal.

Writing your weekly to do list, helps you narrow down your focus and see exactly what needs to be done. When listing these tasks, remember to write down everything you want to get done including personal stuff.

 This should help you free up some mental space on trying to remember everything that needs to be done, as well as balancing your work life schedule. If you prefer you can do it first in a blank notebook or paper and then when you find out your different themes you can organice them in your weekly planner in a way that its easy for you follow them, could be with a different colours of pen, you can draw squares on the to do spaces and make each square a theme.

This is what allows you to manage your day properly in relation to the bigger picture. Imagine how much more effective your daily planning will be if you create each day so that it links back to the bigger picture of your week?

 This is your opportunity to spread tasks into your daily time line so you don’t overload or overwhelm yourself. Put an specific time to the tasks that can be schedule and see how you start achieving your deadlines and maintain that work-life balance.

Do you have a different recipe to a productive week? Please share it with us!

We love to see different ways to use our products.

Whatever you choose to use either our weekly planner or habit tracker or even a blank notebook we are sure you will make it work, you are already here looking for inspirations which is an amazing sing that you are ready to keep blooming, find our collection here . It makes a great full of love gift too! 

We wish you a happy week, happy month and happy blooming process.

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