How to be more present

When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts are tuned into the present unique moment. Your mind and body can sense everything around you, and you live the present instead of remembering the past or imagining the future. With awareness, you will find opportunities to express yourself and take actions that feel aligned with the real you.

Sounds easy but how can we really practice to be present? Here I have a few ideas and inspired actions for you to inspire this April and be more present.

Here are some inspired actions to help you be more present.

Create a mindfulness routine: Set aside some time each day to practice being present as your self-love ritual. You can start with just a few minutes and gradually increase the duration. Use this time to focus on your breathing, observe your thoughts without judgment, and notice the sensations in your body.

Take mindful breaks: Throughout the day, take short breaks to check in with yourself. Take a deep breath, notice your surroundings, and become aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Practice mindful eating: When you eat, take the time to savour the flavours and textures of your food. Avoid distractions like your phone or TV and focus solely on your meal. This is one of my personal hardest and I will do a really big effort this month to do it really I am really wanting to shift the attention to nourish my body in a full of love way.

Spend time in nature: Go for a walk outside and take in your surroundings. Notice the colours, sounds, and smells around you. This can help you feel more connected to the present moment. As an extra you can remove your shoes and feel the ground supporting you I LOVE TO DO THIS!

Be intentional with your actions: Before you act, take a moment to pause and think about your intention. Are your actions aligned with your values and goals? This can help you make more mindful choices throughout the day.

Remember, being present takes practice, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Don't worry if you find your mind wandering, simply bring your attention back to the present moment and keep practicing this is a life long journey as the blooming one but if you read until here .....


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